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I found the best ways to grow to eat your garden. I love the herbs we can grow to finds those flavors in our most common dishes. We have relied on the seasoning section of our favorite grocery store. I have always love reading all the different types there are, and how many can derive from the same plant, so why buy when you can grow at home, for cheap!

I have learned and educated myself through volunteering and working on different scale herb gardens for culinary in the kitchen, I have found myself drawn to herbs that give you a more advance pallet to come. To start, the most common herbs grown for cooking flavor are:

  1. Basil (Genovese)- Did you know one plant can produce up to over a pound of pesto, and and you can also dry the leaves and crush and put in a reserve and store in a cool place in your cupboard. For the pesto you can store in your freezer for up to one season of winter, even if you harvested the winter before, but be sure to freeze in an airtight container to keep the frost out.
  2. Bay Laurel (Laurus Nobilis)- The bay leaf is famous in the kitchen for meats and soups. When harvest be sure to dry upside down, I found wrapping the stems in cheesecloth, yes you heard me cheesecloth, it helps it dry out and keep the nutrients in the plant. Always store in an airtight container in a cupboard in a cool space.
  3. Celery (Apium Graveolens Dulce)- This should be considered a superhero food for vegetables. This is one of the universal plants I was talking about earlier. You can use every part of this plants for drinks, to seasoning meats and soups, even a great infamous snack with peanut butter. The best way to harvest this lovely herbal plant is to cut it by the stem root, if you want it to create another cycle, I have found to keep a strip in the ground to flower and reseed the ground for my celery to grow, then pull the overgrown stalk, i choose to use the overgrown flowered stalk to a fresh flower salad I have found super delicious. I personally do not cut to store this plant I cut and clean straight to the pot or pan for cooking.
  4. Cilantro,Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum)- Want a kick in your dish, this herb is it. I love how this plant alone can give you the sweats. Another universal plant, you can use this fresh for taco night, dried out for your meats, the seeds are famously used for is Dukkah Sauce.
  5. Oregano (Origanum Vulgare Hirtum)- There are a few varieties of oregano but from research the best kind to grow is greek oregano, find it with more flavor, nutrients. Great for making it a hang up rock garden in your kitchen window. Also great for culinary use, giving that effect of killing two birds with one stone type deal, gives your kitchen flavor along with your dish.
  6. Parsley (Petroselinum)- This herb also has a varieties of parsley, the best for culinary is Curly leaf parsley. Great as a breath mint, also gives nutrients of Vitamin C and Iron. Another great kind of parsley is Flat-Leaf Parsley, great for garnishes on top of dishes and also good eats in your salad.

Listed above are great for your kitchen by the sink, the wall next to that big beautiful window. I have found a great cute DIY project, that makes your kitchen turn into a beautiful culinary marvel. It will save you money, especially you can find start up kits located at your local dollar store, I say stalk up on seeds you want to plant. It will keep a great all natural oxygen flow in your kitchen while serving you and your family with great nutritious culinary taste in your dishes you deserve.

Don’t forget to check out our upcoming articles on how to grow your own salad garden, and edible flowers, talk about good eats!

Click the link below for a video on ideas how to make your culinary marvel wall…

Green Thumbs Up!

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“When a man plants a tree, he plants himself.” – John Muir


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