Green thumbs up!

Author’s Note

Author’s Note:


This website is about having fun in the garden, we will have fun trying great ways to get everyone into the spirit. I know everyone is not a green thumb, but these articles and projects are for the true beginners to expert. I have done years of farming and gardening on big to small scales, through my education and labor, trying new and efficient ways to do things for your health, like for culinary and making your own bug bite repellent(medicinal).

This page is for you, so you don’t have to scour the internet for hours to get what you really need for a beginner to expert look on what really grows around you.

I promise on how surprised on how many plants around you there are to heal you from the carbon we produce around us. I’m to excited to grow this community online with my farms to table, along with your everyday things you can make for you and your family to stay healthy, and save money in your pocket. So stay tuned for the fun we are going to have….

Chef & Food Author, Paige Osborne