Green Thumbs Up!

Cracked the Code

It has been a long three years but, through all my trial and errors, I have finally made it happen. I have been experimenting with grafting hemp with vegetables and fruits to give a better source of medicine to those who have struggled with siezures. Why wait for them to occur and take a high potency oil to make it go away. I say scratch that, why can’t we make them a healthier source without the high potency to use and sit and wait for a siezures to start. Why can’t we make a food that can give them a more normal life, they can go back to having what is needed to be truly happy. My little formula I truly believe will help the world with something we have not yet cracked in the medical field. Statistics show that we are trying with pills and trial base that cause more problems then helps. So let’s take a more natural approach that can give you a more normal life. Videos and photos coming soon….

Green Thumbs Up!

To Know Your Healthy Self

 We grew up in our own little worlds in each household. Most ate common food from their culture, some eat something new and different just about every night. Even some stayed on a frozen TV dinner diets for the parents who were too busy to cook or just simply horrible at it. 


So our healthy self it taught over time on what we grew accustomed to. Others will have the advantage to change their diet before unhealthy self stands before them in a doctor’s office riddled with sometime of complication due to how we diet. 


So how do we get to know our healthy self? You can take a course, go through a fitness bootcamp to get common knowledge towards your health. Many resources at our fingertips now we can learn it easy and almost practically at no cost financially but a cost to your health if you do not know what the full effects some diets can put a negative affect on your body along with a fabulous positive effect.


In terms of how some diets promote healthy weight loss but can affect other aspects of your healthy self, such as sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure. Let’s not forget to mention the constant change in science we are finding new and innovative ways to keep track up through our health through our genetics. To take a cell genome and find out what types of food can help a person stay healthy or get them to unhealthy state.


To help keep ourselves in check, is bewaring of how our diet affects our life. How can we get to the healthier us before we go backwards on ignorant thinking?


For the best and healthier versions of ourselves is so hit up your dietician. Yes, it may sound unnecessary, but to be honest you can not utilize these outside resources like health fitness bootcamp if you don’t know your numbers or in other terms full prognosis of health.


With the results given to you by your dietician, it can give you a better handle on how we can utilize a healthier self.