Green Thumbs Up!


When people hear smoothies, the first thing comes to mind is “fruit and yogurts.” There are smoothies made with green leafy vegetables that is, just as popular as the fruit smoothies. Green smoothies are good source of vitamins A, C, and K. They are also packed with calcium, minerals and phytochemicals which help fight certain cancers. In an article written by USA Today, smoothies are a great way to pack as much nutrition and vegetables, as possible in a drink. Smoothies is a good way to get your kids to consume vegetables. You can also use them to lose weight. I myself have used them for weight loss. My top five smoothies are the strawberries and banana, mixed berry, mango, cherry, and the green smoothie with kiwifruit. I chose these five smoothies because they are, smooth to taste, rich in flavor, and filled with a lot of nutrients. Smoothie helps support health skin, eyes, and your immune system. I have included my very own recipes for making three of my favorite smoothies. 1. When making the strawberry and banana smoothie you used a half cup of strawberries, a half cup of bananas, one apple, and a fourth of an orange and a cup of ice and there you have a strawberry and banana smoothie. 2. In making the mixed berry smoothie I used a half of cup blackberries, a half a cup of blueberries, a half a cup of raspberries,1fifth of a banana, and cup of ice and you have a mixed berry smoothie. 3. Green smoothie recipe consist of:2cups of spinach 2cups of kale 2cups of romaine 3cups of kiwi 3cups of pears and 3cups of green apples. If you get lazy like I sometimes do, you can always buy them out your local grocery store. The smoothies in the grocery store are pretty good. They have two kinds in the grocery, and they are Naked and Bolt house farms. The Naked smoothies have 300 calories. And the Bolt house farms only have a 100 calories if you use these as a diet plan. There is also different companies out there that makes good money making smoothies. This is a good business to invest in. At Walmart the Bolt house Farm smoothie is a $1.94 and the Naked smoothie is $2.50 while at certain companies they charge like $3.75 for a small cup. The cheapest route and the best route would be for you to make you’re on. At least this way you will get more than just one cup. Smoothie gives you a lot of energy. Don’t take my word for it give it a try. You’ll love them and so will the kids. These can also be good snacks for the kids for lunch at school or when they go to cheer leading practice. It will keep your child hydrated. I have a ten-year old and she loves them. She thinks that it’s a juice but in reality it’s a good source of nutrients that’s approved by her coach and the school.