Green Thumbs Up!

Cracked the Code

It has been a long three years but, through all my trial and errors, I have finally made it happen. I have been experimenting with grafting hemp with vegetables and fruits to give a better source of medicine to those who have struggled with siezures. Why wait for them to occur and take a high potency oil to make it go away. I say scratch that, why can’t we make them a healthier source without the high potency to use and sit and wait for a siezures to start. Why can’t we make a food that can give them a more normal life, they can go back to having what is needed to be truly happy. My little formula I truly believe will help the world with something we have not yet cracked in the medical field. Statistics show that we are trying with pills and trial base that cause more problems then helps. So let’s take a more natural approach that can give you a more normal life. Videos and photos coming soon….

By Mrs. Brooks

Owner of Melinda's Heaven, Health & Wellness Advocate, ASPCA Advocacy, Nutritionist, FFA Advocacy, Bachelor's degree in Science in Nutrition (presently going), Certificate in Business Operation & Baking and Pastry, Wild Herbs Garden owner, Introduction Certificate in Beekeeping, Knowledge in herbal remedies for self-care and household products.

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