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The crack of the matter is…

Are you ready for an earthquake? Are you ready for when the big one hits? It’s coming to southern California, that’s a guarantee. San Andreas fault. Are you ready? I am going to help you get ready for an earthquake by sharing what I will need for a kit. Everyone’s will be different but run along the same lines.

First let’s talk about earthquakes. An earthquake is when the earth shakes and it happens all the time, you don’t feel them usually. Why do they happen? Pressure builds up along fault lines, sometimes the pressure gets released. When the pressure gets released the energy flows thru the planet and shaking begins. A fault line is a crack in the earth. There are active fault lines all over California. Thats where you get the San Andreas fault line, it’s there and it’s scary.

The Ridgecrest earthquake hit with a magnitude of 6.4, the big one will be 11 times stronger than that! San Andreas fault will be 7.8 or higher. 1,800 fires could ignite after the quake with 1,600 being big. Many of them will grow and move to make even bigger fires.

According to inventor, Kerry Sieh big quakes like this happen on the southern San Andreas fault every 45 to 230 years. It’s been 161 years since we had one. We are not far off that 230 year mark and it could happen anytime. It will happen the San Andreas fault it’s a guarantee. Let that explode in your mind!

What do you do when an earthquake hits? STOP!!!!!!! Do not run. Outside is usually more dangerous than in. DROP, get down on the ground before you fall down and get hurt. TAKE COVER, get under something to protect your head and neck.. HOLD ON, things could get rough, stay there. Do not get in a doorway.

How do you check on loved ones? The fastest and easiest is to reach by text. If you have wireless, you can check in on facebook’s crisis response feature. Can you just leave town? Yes, if you have money, gas and you have a safe road to travel. Though this usually can not happen. Most roads are gone and you do not know what lies ahead, it could be worse. Better to stay put.

What are the dangerous of staying? FIRES, according to report 1,800 fires could ignite after the quake. WATER SUPPLY, contaminated and VIOLENCE, looting and violent crime usually happen.

The community asked what should we have prepared? Earthquake expert Lucy Jones laughed, because the idea that everything you need will fit in one bag is crazy.

Who will help us? Strangers help with the most compassion right after the event. Eventually FEMA will come.

What else can you possibly have to deal with? Bills! What? A major earthquake and your talking about bills? Yep, mortgage will still be due. Car payments and loans.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to have your documents safe. Keep deeds, titles, insurance, birth certificates and social security cards in a fireproof box.

Ok, enough depression. Let’s talk about what you will need. Each family is different, with different needs and problems. This is a guide for what I will need to get my family through. It will fit most of your families. This will cover 10 people, so there’s a lot!

You need a bag for each person ready to go!

1 gallon of drinking water per person to last three days, so I need 10 gallons of drinking water

A bag for each person containing:

a couple flashlights and led lights

Three days of imperishable food. Canned and dried items. Pantry items

a dust mask

box of moist towelettes for cleaning, hygiene

pliers can be for so many uses

cell phone with chargers and backup batteries. I can buy a bunch of burner phones for this

our prescription meds, very important

kids medicine such as motrin, benadryl and allergy pills

kleenex box for daughter

Our glasses along with backup glasses, you don’t want to be blind that could be horrific

cash, everyone should have a little bit to spread it around. Do not keep it all in one bag

Sleeping bag or warm blanket


complete change of clothes for a cooler temp. To stay warm at night or if your clothes are ruined

two rolls of toilet paper

a pillow or something soft for my back

matches in waterproof container

feminine supplies, could also be used as bandages, filters

mess kits, like camping. Metal bowl with lid you can cook and eat out of these and they include silverware and a cup, all metal. The mess kit could also serve many purposes. Boiling water, carrying water. Bowls to collect berries and nuts if need be

my daughters back up blankie

toothbrushes and toothpaste

hair ties

backup pair of shoes and lots of socks, socks can be used for so many things. To keep our feet dry and warm. As well as water filter, bandages and to carry little things if you are out foraging

dog food, bones or something for entertainment and water for both dogs for three days

a towel for drying, lying on, changing, additional warmth

bandana to keep hair back, to signal for help

Things to have for all to use:

hand crank radio or battery with extra batteries

a couple first aid kits

plastic sheeting, which can be used for a number of things. 8 large sheets should be enough

duct tape, what can’t you do with duct tape? I am bringing several

2 boxes of garbage bags, which you can also use to carry if something gets broken, can be torn apart to help with more shelter , so many uses

tums, pain medicine

a couple of manual can openers

paper maps

Things to trade for supplies we might of forgot. Extra batteries, extra can openers, extra garbage bags


A couple very sharp knives. For cutting things we need to form shelters, cutting food and to protect ourselves in case

paper, pens

books, puzzles, notebooks, cards and crayons for the kids

led lights

leather gloves

These are the things my family would need to get through. Take some time read thru the list. It might fit your family to. I add or take away from my kit as my needs change every year.

Now we have doove in to what earthquakes are, the San Andreas Fault and what I will need for supplies, that cracks it up!

by Arwen Champion-Nicks, Misha Euceph and Mary Knauf

By lincy1980

French pastry chef with big dreams! I plan on opening my own authentic French bakery. very soon. I love to bake! The name of my bakery is Avec Amour, with love. Specializing in French pastries. Macarons (every flavor!, special flavor combos, fruit torte, pear galette, napoleon's to name a few. I can also make cakes, I am known for my fondant work. I can make the normal cupcakes, cookies and pies but I prefer to make my authentic french desserts. It's in my blood!
I am a mother of 3, 2 boys and girl that's mini me. Married soon to be 18 years, Sept..
I am a busy woman running my cottage business, taking care of house and kids and finishing my degree in french pastry. I have been baking 20 years! You have a baking question, I am your girl.
Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup!
Eat well, laugh often, love abundantly

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