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Compost for mulch…Yes it can happen!

Believe it or not there is a lot of things we can use for compost right in our own homes especially the kitchen! Do you drink coffee and usually just toss your grounds in the trash well don’t do that! Start a compost! You can also add in there eggshells, banana peels, grass clippings. You can create compost with so much and its recycling so win win! Have you ever wondered about composting let me tell you some of the benefits to it. First its recycling and that is great for the environment and it adds so much nutrients back into the soil which makes for more healthy and happy plants! Second it will also act as a weed barrier and will reduce plant disease and pests. Third one of my favorite benefits is it decreases the need for any chemicals to be used on your garden for better fruits and veggies! Plumper and tastier Tomatoes among other wonderful prizes found in a garden……What could be better???

To properly compost there is a bit of science to it but that’s like most great things! Three parts make up a great compost. First being browns that is branches and twigs, second being greens and that is things like grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps and as I suggested before your coffee grounds, third being water. These 3 parts all make up a great compost that is so beneficial. Keep in mind you will need equal parts of these 3 things. I bet now you are wondering how to get started. Well you in luck because just so happens I have pointers for that too!

To start composting you don’t need anything fancy. You can do it at home yourself. Just find a decent shady place around with access to water because as said above you will need water. You can now start adding your browns and greens as needed. Make sure any big chunks are broke down or shredded. You will need to moisten as you add your greens and browns to make sure you have added enough water to have everything in equal parts. You can cover with a tarp to keep moisture in. It can take 2 months to 2 years for your compost to be ready to use. You will know when it is ready to use when you see the color has become dark almost a black color.

Ways to use your compost are in your flowerbeds, and gardens. My grandpa has used compost in his yard. He planted his grass seed down and added compost on top and watered frequently. His lawn came in so healthy and luscious and green. He has continued this practice for years and he swears by it. He also has very few weeds in his yard and he doesn’t use any weed prevention chemicals. He also uses it his garden and flower beds and he has the most beautiful vibrant flowers and fruits and vegetables. Composting is a great way to give back to earth and get wonderful foods out of your garden as I said it’s a win win!

Picture of my start to composting!


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I am a fun outgoing country girl. Mom of 3 beautiful kids. I believe in good wholesome healthy fresh foods!

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