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All Natural Sweeteners….Who Knew??

All-Natural Sweeteners…Who Knew??

On a Hot summer day, you are ready to relax and cool down with a nice fresh fruit smoothie or on a beautiful Fall day you’re getting cozy with your favorite movie and a nice hot cup of tea, but something is missing. You are looking for healthy and body happy ingredients. Our bodies get us through every day. We put so much crud in our bodies that make us feel icky. When you feel icky or sluggish, you’re not functioning at your best. Great news here are some body happy ingredients to add to your smoothie or tea to give that delicious sweetness but without the cruddy stuff!

Stevia is a great Natural sweetener if you get it right off the plant. Yes, they sell what they call Natural Stevia in the stores, but it has stuff added to it that make it unnatural and really no better than the regular granulated sugar you can also buy. Store bought Stevia such as Truvia are made from a highly refined stevia leaf extract, Rebaudioside A. Rebaudioside A is 200 times more sweeter than regular sugar. Sweeteners that contain Rebaudioside A are Novel Sweeteners due to them being blended with other sweeteners like Erythritol and Dextrose. So, if you grow stevia can add a leaf to your food and drinks to sweeten your food or beverage naturally.

Honey is another great Natural sweetener and if you bee keep it can come straight from the bee to your smoothies and tea or even your food! Honey is best in Vegetable smoothies because it will cut out some of the bitterness. But be careful Honey is still sugar and will up your calorie intake. Honey is also great in your tea. Need to unwind from a long day and your drink of choice is Tea you can a tablespoon of honey to it for sweetness and great health benefits and that is just a Perk!

Raw Honey

Coconut Sugar is another great option! Do you love the sweet taste of Hawaiian Paradise? If you answered yes, then you will probably love this natural sugar in your refreshing pineapple or mango smoothie. What’s crazy is that Coconut Sugar has more iron and zinc then regular sugar. So, you can enjoy your delicious refreshing smoothie and be quilt free! Makes me want to run to my closest store and get some to enjoy!

Bottom line when I think all-natural sugars my mind doesn’t go immediately to diet or weight loss like a lot of people do. Do you know what comes to mind? I think of good wholesome food. I think of taking care of my body and my kid’s bodies. Because our bodies do so much for us, and we fill it with so much processed and chemical filled foods. All natural has so much greatness to offer and can even uplift your mood. So sit back and enjoy nature and all it has to offer with All Natural in your most favorite ways.


By chealeeogmailcom

I am a fun outgoing country girl. Mom of 3 beautiful kids. I believe in good wholesome healthy fresh foods!

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