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The BeeHive. Not Just a Hairstyle!

Ask anyone from the 1960‘s era what a beehive is and they will tell you it’s a hairstyle where you coil your hair on top of your head with 3 cans of hairspray to make it stand tall like a basket.  If your hair was too short to coil, then you just pile it up there as high as possible by teasing it till it breaks, give it a nice rounded top, and once you get it shaped like an upside down basket with a rounded bottom, spray the entire 3 cans to hold it. However, that’s not the beehive I want to explore with you.  I want to discuss the honeybee hive.

Going way back to early Egypt honey was used as a food source and a medicine.  It is by far the oldest shelf safe food known to man. When the Egyptian Tombs were opened, archeologists found jars of honey that still retained its natural properties and compared to new jars, there was no change.  It was amazing.  

With the first discovery of honeybees, it was clear that these were magnificent creatures.  They were not only engineers, but could construct a nest almost anywhere in the wild, they created honey, beeswax, and propolis ( bee glue) and are great housekeepers, in their own homes, of course.

Of course, finding something that tastes so good, you’re gonna want to have it closer by.  And so, early man constructed a coiled basket called a skep.   Before long, a swarm of bees moved in and put down roots.  As soon as the basket was full of honey, it was destroyed sending the bees swarming in all directions, destroying the colony.

Early Beehive or “Skep

By Lynn Reeves

After several Art school's and a lot of frustration trying to find a medium to satisfy my artistic needs, I finally tried food. I'm hooked. I am a graduate of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, soon to take Baking and Pastry. I love working with food. Every plate is a new adventure. Born in Massachusetts, raised in Florida, I met my husband of 38 wonderful years, had 3 children and 8 grandchildren before losing my husband in 2018 in a work-related construction accident. My youngest daughter now lives with me and we both very much enjoy cooking together.

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