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Amanda’s Dream Spice Rack

Blueprints for my dream spice rack

If I were to build my dream spice rack for my kitchen I would have to go with something that was all wooden and stood tall next to my stove. I would go with a crisscross pattern for the design of it so all my spices and herbs were organized. The dimensions I would use vary being there are a few different dimensions just for the constructing part alone. I would make four legs for my spice rack that are four foot tall and six inches wide. For the rack itself I would have to cut slabs of wood starting with the basic rectangular shape. The length for both the top and bottom of the spice rack would be two feet six inches long, the width, which i don’t have labeled in my blueprints would be one foot even, and the height would be one foot six inches giving it a perfect rectangular shape. For the inside of the rectangular structure I would make diamond patterns out of wood which would create the slots for the spices and herbs themselves to sit in. The diamond patterns would be six inches by six inches length and height and the width would match the width for the outer rectangular structure which is one foot. I figured have a little extra room in the diamond pattern so if I have doubles of some spices and herbs I could just put them in the same place, when one runs out,I would have a back up.

With my dream spice rack, I wouldn’t have it painted at all or stained because I personally like the natural wood look. As for the type of wood I would use, it’d have to be both cherry and oak. I like Cherry wood because of the color and I like Oak wood because of its durability. The Cherry wood I would use for the rectangular structure that holds the diamond pattern. I would use the Oak wood for the legs because Oak is strong and really hard to break, considering I have a young child and she likes to try and climb and get into everything and break everything, Oak would be the best. I would also use the Oak wood for the diamond pattern on the inside of the rectangular structure just because some of my spices and herbs are doubles I would need the diamond patterns to hold a little weight. What I don’t have in my blueprint is a shelf that sits in the middle of the four legs. That shelf would hold some pans or even extra appliances that I have under my kitchen sink right now. I would make the shelf out of Cherry wood so it matches the spice rack itself. In order to hold everything together from the legs to the rack to the shelf, i would use small screws for the rack itself the rectangular part and i would fuse the legs and the base of the rectangular part together with screws too. I don’t want it to fall apart so I would have to use screws to keep it together. for the shelf I would use first brackets to give the shelf more structure so it doesn’t fall and I would use nails the hold the brackets in place. For the diamond pattern I would use industrial strength glue like “Gorilla Wood Glue” because that stuff holds wood together extremely well and it’s almost impossible to get wood to come apart with that kind of glue.

I think this spice rack of mine would be perfect in my kitchen because it’s durable,strong and it would look beautiful with the handcrafted features of the diamond pattern.

By Amanda Chetwynd

My name is Amanda I'm 28 years old and I am currently in school,enrolled at Escoffier School of culinary Arts in the online certificate program. I graduate May, 2019. I am also a full time mom to my daughter Tonya,who is 2 and another baby, a boy which will be named Michael Odin, who will be here in October.

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