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My Dream Spice Racks

My Dream Spice Rack

Spices make life interesting. I’m not much of a spice person cause too much spice hurts me but when I do use spices I to use what is the best available at the time.

When spices are called for in most recipes it is for fresh this and fresh that. When fresh isn’t available I use the best brands available. But after all is said done with my schooling I going to try and create my dream spice rack that can hold both fresh and store bought spices.

I’m hoping that I can get my plans for a medium size spice rack created and built within the year. I’m looking to purchase a house or at least rent a better place than where I’m at now. I don’t have enough sunlight to grow anything in my window sill plus I have cats that would try and eat the plants. Guess I’ll have to build a spice rack with glass panes and a door so they can’t get into it. My world is small but I like to think big. I’m hoping that I can bring my dream spice rack to life.

My spice racks will have at least 3 rows for the spice bottles and 2 rows for the plants that I will be planting. The rack will probably be 4 inches wide, 36 inches tall and long. Each shelf, with store bought spices, will hold at least 6 to 8 bottles depending on the bottle size. The shelves for the growing plants with need to be at least 8 inches wide to hold the pots properly. These shelves will have an open likeness so the plants can grow and flourish when in season. From what I’ve read most spice plants can grow year round especially if maintained properly.

Spices like parsley, chives, rosemary, basil, and oregano can be grown on my window sill. Spices like cumin, paprika, sage and ginger might need to be purchased from the store. I like a variety of flavors and colors with my spices. Curry powder, white pepper, black pepper, fennel seed, celery salt and sea salt are also going to have to purchased at the store. There are some spices that are combinations of different spices. I had Italian seasoning to my pasta sauces to give a little more kick than what is already in the premade sauce. I had cajun salt seasoning to my potato dishes such as chips or fries. The spice combination like herbs de provence that I will make myself will contain a mixture of both fresh and dried ingredients.

Spices that are dried can also come from my spice garden I’ll just have to learn how to dry them properly. I’m hoping that when it comes time to start my own food truck or catering business that I learned this and can incorporate them into my foods. My food might not be spicy like mexican or italian foods but it will still have a slight kick to it. Because as most people know Southern girls have a unique spice anyway. The spice kick isn’t in the first bite but will get hit you after the last.

I’m not the best drawer but I hope my design shows what my dream might look like in a few months.

Dream Spice Racks

By cookingdiva73

Hi, my name is Chrystal Jones. I'm from North Carolina. I've been trying to give my life so perspective, so I decided to go back to school and follow my dream and study cooking. I'm looking to start either a food truck or catering business. I'm hoping that with everything I've learned from Escoffier will help me get there.
Here is a little more info about me. I'm a single parent of a son that will be turning 20 in October. I have 2 cats and a dog.
I work at home as a technical/customer support agent. I've been working from home for over 5 years. I was my mother's caretaker so working from home helped her until she passed away in March 2018.

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