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Recipes: Organizing for productivity

 Here I have taken a picture of the few ways I store recipes. I have placed numbers next to each of them so I can name the pros and cons of each of them.


     As someone who loves cooking and looks up a lot of recipes I find it hard to keep them all organized. I have many cookbooks with recipes I love but remembering which one is in which book can be nearly impossible. I love the internet because I can view a lot of recipes quickly, but getting them off my computer on to something like paper is hard with no printer. So where does that leave me? Paper.

       Here I have taken a picture of the few ways I store recipes. I have placed numbers next to each of them so I can name the pros and cons of each of them.

1) Index CardsThey can be color coded which I prefer but you can also use dividers and place them on a key ring.

Pros: You can easily remove or place things on the key ring. It is easy to reorganize                      them and place new recipes in at anytime.

Cons: If you work in a kitchen a use it a lot the cards with fall off the key ring from                       wear.

2) Recipe Box All cards are individually placed in a box that preferably has dividers.

Pros: Like index cards you can remove and place recipes in very easily.

Cons: You can’t see everything at once and have to go through every card to get to                          recipe you want.

3) Notebook/Journal- You write in recipe you like in order or divide up book by pages with post its. These are best for writing things down quickly not for organizing purposes.

Pros: You can write things in as you are doing them without worrying about the handwriting being good or changing measurements later. You can always adapt the recipe to a card or another method later.

Cons: The recipes will be in random order or if you pick random spots to make chapters you might need more room in one than the other.

4) Binder- I use sheet protectors for regular printer paper and write out recipes on 3×5” cards and glue stick them to the paper, place them in sheet protector and place them in the binder.

Pros: Easy to reorganize, add and remove recipes.

Cons: Requires time and organization. Method is better for finalizing recipes for family cookbook or something with things you want to always make.

In the end I personally use inexpensive notebooks to jot things down and recipes I’m experimenting with. I will write down things I make frequently and are favorites in a nicer notebook. Then for long term storage of all my favorites I use a recipe box and binder.

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