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Eating healthy While Traveling

It’s so easy to get away from the best nutritional habits when going on vacations, road trips, and encountering long flights and layovers.  However, traveling does not mean that you have to make the wrong food choices or eat unhealthy. 

To set yourself up for success, think ahead.  If you are in the car, fill the cooler with yogurt, fruits, vegetables, and healthy wraps or sandwiches.  When in flight, purchase trail mix, popcorn and fruits or ask for a kosher or vegetarian meal.  When booking your hotel, try to choose a hotel with a kitchen.    This way you can go out and purchase foods to prepare your own meals.  When dining out most restaurants have low-carb meals on the menu.

Make sure you are incorporating plenty of water all during the day.  And if by chance you have to substitute something unhealthy, it’s ok to splurge every once in a while. 


Healthy Eating

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