Green Thumbs Up!

Getting Your Recipes Under Control

Kitchen designed and built by my husband Max Diaz.

In the year 2019, your favorite recipes are literally a click away. From recipe sharing on Facebook posts, to watching foodies post their favorite meals on Instagram and Snapchat. In today’s age you can Google the ingredients you have in your refrigerator for a list of recipes so you don’t have to wreck your brain when you forgot to pick up groceries. My personal favorite is Pinterest! When I am looking for something a little out of the ordinary I love surfing different recipes on Pinterest and organizing them to different boards so my family and friends can check them out. Although the kitchen has definitely evolved, there is a major downfall into having all your recipes digital and not having a hard copy. Before recipes were digitize, the most reliable place to get your recipes were from family and cookbooks. I have to admit I love all the avenues of obtaining recipes but I think its best to keep it old school and have a hard copy of my favorite recipes in the kitchen. My ideal “organized” kitchen would utilize cookbooks, recipes cards and binders. Recipes binders are the easiest to use and get started organizing your recipes, you can easily print your favorite recipes from your favorite apps and websites and slip them into page protectors and a few labels and tada! Next, the index recipe card box! I would use this box to organize written recipes that I am still working on, once completed I would definitely invest in a lamination machine from Walmart for $20. For me, an upper open cabinet to the right of the stove is the best storage place for all my recipes with some counter space bellow for a cookbook stand. You can just as easily use this idea on your kitchen isle. Wherever you decide in your kitchen is the best place to put your recipes, be sure to organize them first.

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